Hatha Yoga

Trainer: Shree Mukesh Mehta

Level: Beginner

  • Room A302
  • March 18, 2016
  • 10:00 am - 11:45 am
  • 30 members
  • Mon, Wed, Fri

Hatha Yoga is an ancient Indian science for the complete wellbeing of the body, mind and soul. Yoga brings balance and harmony and helps the individual to discover his or her true self. The complex philosophies and teachings of Hatha Yoga can be summarized in 5 principles. These principles lead the way to developing physical health and strength, mental balance and spiritual growth.

Brief description of hatha yoga

Hatha means forceful in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language that is the source of most of yoga's terminology. According to Ellen Stansell, a scholar of yogic literature, the term may have come into use as early as the 12th century. Though we consider hatha to be on the gentle end of the spectrum these days, Stansell posits that it must have seemed strong in comparison to more subtle practices (meditation, for example) that were available at time. The first Indian gurus who brought yoga to a western audience in the mid-19th century took pains to distance themselves from hatha yoga, which they associated with wandering street mendicants called yogins, according to Mark Singleton's book Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice. Singleton explains that it was not until the international popularity of the physical culture movement later in the 19th century that hatha yoga was integrated into the teachings exported to the west. 

Benefit of hatha yoga

Try a hatha class if the idea of gentle yoga appeals to you or seems right for your body. It can be a great introduction to yoga, but shouldn't be mistaken for easy yoga since it can still be challenging both physically and mentally.

Hatha classes provide an opportunity to stretch, unwind, and release tension, providing a good counterpoint to both busy lifestyles and cardio workouts.

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