Gentle Yoga classes

Trainer: Shree Mukesh Mehta

Level: Beginner

  • Room A302
  • March 18, 2016
  • 10:00 am - 11:45 am
  • 30 members
  • Mon, Wed, Fri

We also teach Gentle Yoga for people who have physical limitations, because of an injury, sickness or because they are getting older.

Brief description of Gentle Yoga classes

Gentle Yoga is one term used by many to mean many things. Gentle Yoga can refer to a variety of types of yoga classes taught by teachers from various styles of yoga. In this era of the rapidly growing popularity of yoga, classes are springing up everywhere. If you are shopping around for a satisfying yoga class you’ll want to know whether you are going to fit in or be okay in a given class. Gentle Yoga is often considered easier, less intense, non-strenuous, minimalistic, quiet, meditative, or restorative. But these words that are intended to be descriptive can still seem broad and vague.

Benefit of Gentle Yoga Class

Gentle yoga classes are going to be accepting of beginners and people who are physically challenged. They may include meditation. They are intended to be calming and to reduce stress.

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