Our Alignment based Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification will allow you to teach globally. Under the professional guidance of our experienced international instructors, you will learn the theory and practice of yoga, the art of teaching, yoga philosophy, and much more! We ensure high quality transmissions, providing personalized assistance by the teacher, set up in intimate groups.

Dakshadev Gaur

Yoga Expert

Dakshadev has taught Yoga for 26 years and is a highly experienced Yoga Therapist.

As well as being highly experience he is also highly qualified, having obtained his Master Degree in Yoga and Meditation, and various qualifications in Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

Dakshadev holds the position of Regional Co-ordinator at Jain Vishwav Bharti Institute, Landun, Rajasthan.

With vast experience of teaching various types of students, he is an extremely diligent, supportive and effective teacher who guides his students on their yogic journey. His aim is to encourage and nurture students in an effort to build confidence, doing this through meditative practices and ultimately teaching them how to apply their Yogic knowledge to their daily lives.

Mukesh Mehta


Mukesh Mehta has been working in the field of Yoga for 17 years and  holds a Master Degree in Yoga, a Diploma in Indian Classical Music and is a certified Preksha Meditation teacher.

Mukesh holds the position of Regional Coordinator at Jain Vishva Bharati University in Ladnun, Rajasthan and hosts yoga seminars across India.

He has also been a consulting faculty member of many yoga ashrams and centres throughout India.

A dedicated, disciplined teacher with a traditional teaching style. Having vast experience in teaching he knows how to best help a student understand their strengths and weaknesses and advises them on the areas they need to improve upon and how best to do so.

Mukesh is a firm believer in the therapeutic value of yoga.

Yogi Madhav

Yoga teacher

Yogi Madhav, an experienced Yoga teacher, graduated in Philosophy, Sanskrit and Hindi & holds a Master Degree in Yoga & Meditation. He has also studied the Vedas, varying philosophies, Yoga Therapy, Pranic Healing and Reflexology. His in depth knowledge of Yoga and Vedas combined with a modern approach to teaching makes his teaching style unique.

Yogi Madhav teaches in many yoga schools, colleges, universities, institutes and NGO`s. He has gained vast experience by working in these various organisations and settings and has worked in various parts of the world.

Yogi Madhav’s goal in life is to help people to develop themselves spiritually, mentally and physically through discipline and awareness. Furthermore, he would like to share the experience of traditional Yoga and Vedic philosophy, inspire students through the practice of Yoga to connect with their own personal wisdom, healing abilities and expansive potential.

Rashmi Bhatt

Yoga Teacher

Rashmi has taught Yoga for 10 years and completed her Master Degree in Yoga and Meditation and a Diploma in Music.

Rashim teaches in many different parts of India and conducts Yoga Camps.

Her soft nature makes her a firm favourite amongst the students.

Dinesh Arya

Yoga Teacher

Dinesh is a senior teacher at Yogalife Management. Holding a Master Degree in Yoga and Ayurveda and 20 years’ experience in teaching Yoga and practicing Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

Akhilesh Dhakad

Yoga Teacher

Akhliesh has taught Yoga for 5 years and qualified with a Master Degree in Yoga and many Teacher Training Certificates.

He assists in our International Teacher Training Courses and teaches in many schools across Indore, he is a very popular Children’s Yoga teacher.

Devanshu Gaur

Yoga Teacher

Devanshu is a qualified Yoga teacher having completed his Yoga Certificate and Diploma.

He teaches classes in various fitness centres. His classes are designed to be physically challenging and are conducted with humour.

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